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The Industrial Internet of Things’ (IIoT) Should Matter to Your Manufacturing Operation

Manufacturing operations of all shapes, sizes, and types are using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to achieve substantial competitive advantages, and improve profits.

The Industrial Internet, also sometimes referred to as Industry 4.0, connects and links concepts such as big data, analytical tools and decision making, and connected networks with traditional industrial equipment.  It is about collecting and applying data to make better decisions, run facilities more efficiently, and in the end to improve profits. The IIoT is in the process of revolutionizing manufacturing.

Some ways that the IIoT has impacted traditional industrial manufacturers, food processors and those in agricultural processing is by improving the collection of system data that allows better recordkeeping, inspection tracking, and analysis. These help with the productivity of certain areas such as predictive maintenance, safety, and supply chain.  The IIoT advantages can be especially beneficial in those areas.

The IIoT can help your manufacturing operation in many different ways. Three of the main areas it can be beneficial the most in are 1) Preventative maintenance, by being able to better predict when your equipment will need servicing. 2) Safety, by providing reports and real-time updates to track events that can prevent accidents. Finally, 3) it helps with your supply chain by giving you visibility on your products before, during, and after shipments by the use of sensors, scales, or even encoders and tachometers.

The promises of the IIoT and the changes that Industry 4.0 are bringing are no longer “coming attractions”.  They are for companies that embrace the potential of the IIoT. There are substantial competitive advantages, increases in profit, and new opportunities abound.  This is a concept that deserves your attention.

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