Life Safety & Security

A priority of every business is to protect what’s important, particularly its staff, customers, assets, and data. Thompson Solutions Group has been at the forefront of providing innovative life safety and security solutions throughout the Midwest for decades. We specialize in the design, implementation, and support of integrated technology solutions for fire detection, video surveillance, entry intercom, and facility lockdown across all industries – commercial, industrial, hospitality, healthcare, government, education, and beyond. We can evaluate your current systems, seek to understand your pain points, and identify ways to implement or support integrated safety and security solutions.

Fire Detection

Douse the threat of fire and smoke damage with Thompson Solutions Group’s comprehensive fire detection technologies, including smoke and heat detectors; manual fire alarm pull stations; annunciators and visual strobes; voice evacuation systems; and conventional, addressable, and analog addressable control panels.

We also provide 24-hour system monitoring, water flow and sprinkler monitoring, testing and inspections, communication with the local fire department, 24-hour emergency fire alarm repair, and power supplies.

The Thompson Solutions Group team of NICET-certified experts have more than 25 years of experience advising and safeguarding our customers.

Emergency Communication

In addition to fire detection capabilities, we also specialize in the design and installation of bi-directional amplification (BDA) technologies that help prevent further injuries and save more lives by enhancing in-building radio frequency (RF) signal coverage for clear and reliable emergency communications between first responders inside a building and emergency personnel outside the building.

Our BDA solutions deliver reliable performance to meet signal strength requirements in the most challenging RF environments like low-E glass, concrete, metal, below-ground structures, and other RF interference or obstructions. And they’re tested and evaluated in accordance with UL 2524 1st Edition requirements.

Video Surveillance

Thompson Solutions Group has been protecting businesses and their assets with state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions since 1990. We offer the latest digital video equipment to help you monitor your business anytime from anywhere with 24-hour coverage.

  • Deter theft, violence, and vandalism
  • Supply indisputable evidence of any event
  • Facilitate easy identification of violators, trespassers, and intruders
  • Limit false liability claims
  • Monitor potential accident areas
  • Help reduce the severity of some incidents through the timely dispatch of police, fire, and emergency personnel
  • Monitor production lines and retail sales floors
  • Check current stock on shelves or in a warehouse
  • Train employees with recorded video

Entry Intercom

Protect the entrances and doors at your main reception, parking structures, stairwells, exits, common areas, shipping bays, loading docks, and more with Thompson Solutions Group’s range of security products, from simple door answering units and door release activation to sophisticated video entry solutions. Systems can be expanded for multiple locations, and we can integrate them with other CCTV and electronic access control systems.


  • Audio-only, audio and video, PanTilt cameras, or full video systems
  • Push-button voice or handset intercoms
  • Monitor and control multiple locations


  • See, hear, and approve access
  • Monitor and act upon potential threats
  • Communicate with voice-enabled help stations

Access Control

Give personnel, visitors, and vehicles a user-friendly way to access your property while limiting the risks of intrusion attempts, forced entry, or use of restricted doors. Thompson Solutions Group access control and management systems utilize keyless entry electronic devices to control and monitor entry and exit activity, and they’re fully customizable to the needs of your business.


Monitor and control your property from a central onsite location, a remote location, or even a mobile device. In the event of a hazard materials spill or emergency, you can lockdown your facilities. Reduce the need for onsite security personnel, and eliminate the expense of changing locks with employee turnover.


Control by user, time, or location, and easily adjust and customize individual user access. Lock and unlock doors according to customized scheduling, and integrate with a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR).


Access real-time and/or automated event monitoring and reporting, receive convenient email or text alarm notifications, and effortlessly track time and attendance.


In a post-COVID world, take access control to the next level with contactless facial recognition and temperature monitoring. The health and safety of employees and visitors is more important than ever, and Thompson Solutions Group technologies effectively help limit the spread of disease by reducing or eliminating access-point contact and congestion in any environment, from retail to manufacturing, government, education and healthcare.

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