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Consider an Automation Integrator on your next project

If you are considering an upgrade to your production facility you are likely looking at significant capital investment in new processes and technology.  You may also be looking at a rather daunting undertaking that will stretch your current team.  That is not a negative of your current team.  They may just not have the expertise or bandwidth to take on a project of this magnitude or you may not want to hire a new engineer and technical staff for the project.

One option that you have is to hire a Systems Integrator.  If you have worked with a systems integrator in the past, you understand the value they bring to your team.  However, if you have not ever collaborated with a Systems Integrator before you may be wondering what they do or if they are worth the cost.  While a Systems Integrator may not be required on every automation and robotics project, hiring a Systems Integrator can bring value to your design-build project.

System Integrators do not have to be a replacement for your current team.  They can supplement your current team to help you find and implement the most innovative and successful solutions.  An extended team of System Integrators may also allow you to tackle multiple projects at the same time.  A good System Integrator can help you find ways to “make it happen”.

Expanding your team of Experts is also never a bad idea.  System Integrators bring expertise, experience, and resources within specific areas of technology that can add to your existing team. Never mind that everyone is struggling to find good people, a system integrator can bring good people to bear on a project at the exact time that you need help. Do you need engineering and design support?  Commissioning and training of a new automated system can be the most difficult aspect of a new process startup. Maybe just a fresh new set of problem-solving skills are what you need to get a project over the hump and rolling.

Whether you need strong engineering capabilities, flexibility, an outside view, or extra resources; consider calling a Systems Integrator for help on your next project.  Of course there are good and bad integrators out there.  Finding good a System Integrator may mean asking a peer for references or ideas, there are industry association to consider, most automation and robotics manufacturers have accreditation programs that they require integrators to complete, and a good interview of multiple Systems Integrators is always good practice.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your IIoT experts at Thompson Automation. We have 30+ years of experience and are always willing to help in any way we can to improve your business. Contact us today at:

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